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2018 was a year of settling down and recouping after a big year of protests and production overseas.  We stayed put and worked on projects for businesses and organisations that benefit our local communities here in Sydney.  It feels good!

2019 sees us busy developing a project about Aqua Nullius and the long road towards native water rights here in Australia.  As well as continuing our work locally.

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Please watch our documentary film for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and their ongoing fights against the Dakota Access Pipeline, Keystone XL Pipeline and for the protection of good, clean drinking water.

“Water Protectors of Wakpa Wasté”

Here are a few clips.  Full-length film released 21 December 2017.


Mni wiconi.  Water is life!

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Lemlmts (thank you).

Here are some documentary work samples for Jessi Roullier of North 4 Films.

One Day on the Kenai

August 2016

10-minute short documentary produced for Ninilchik Traditional Council; highlighting the tribe’s constant battles with federal agencies to regain their traditional rights to set a gill net in the Kenai River to catch salmon for their community.

Aleut Story

Broadcast nationally PBS 2005

In the turbulence of war, in a place where survival was just short of miraculous, the Aleuts of Alaska would redefine themselves and America. From indentured servitude and isolated internment camps, to Congress and the White House, this is the incredible story of the Aleut’s decades-long struggle for our nation’s ideals.