We came, we marched, we rallied

Outside the Army Corps of Engineers. The energy of the crowd was electric, despite the horrid ice rain and wind.

Native Nations March! The feeling in the air, the sage burning, the drums, the whoops, the singing. To walk through the streets of DC with native people from all over the Western Hemisphere towards a common goal. Hear our voices! No more consultation, you need our consent. 

The day before the march.  Hot sunshine + breeze.  Hot-footing it to the tipi encampment.
Mni wiconi – water is life. Proud to be there with my Native Veteran father, Mike Roullier.

We are not Standing Rock Sioux.  We don’t have to be.

We are Flathead. Bitterroot Salish from Montana.  But we came together, with tribes and allies from all over the world to show our support for native people.  For indigenous voices, the people of the Western Hemisphere, to be heard.

Nothing could deter this group who came from all corners of the earth for this moment.  The weather was unpredictable, cold, windy, really bad for a march. But it didn’t matter! In fact, as one man said on the day, “This march is about water.  And here we are, water pouring from the sky.”

I marched with my father, sister, aunt and close friend.  We all came from different cities to be there.  I flew in from Sydney, Australia.  I met people who drove 30 hours from Arizona to march.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I did not want to miss.

In a “small indian world” moment… I was interviewing a beautiful native woman who came from Standing Rock. After I finished recording her, she asked me where I’m from…I said I’m a Flathead from Montana.  “What’s your family name?” “Roullier” I said.  “Oh!  Do you know Renee?!”  “Yes, she’s my cousin!”

In Bitterroot Salish we say Lemlmts (thank you).

Video footage coming soon…

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