Interview with Tara Houska

Today was a good day.  In fact, today was bloody awesome.  We broke ground on our film by interviewing the formidable Tara Houska inside the stunning Sydney Opera House on a spectacular day.  It’s been a busy weekend of discussions about indigenous communities and activism, the environment, water rights, big ideas and on-camera interviews.

Tara is the National Campaigns Director for Honor The Earth.  She’s an Indian, she’s an activist and she’s pretty pissed off.  It’s been a big year for Indian activism and Tara has been at the center of it.  She was here in Sydney as part of the Deadly Voices: Accidental Activist program at Sydney Opera House.  This fantastic event included a diverse group of experts, including Bradley Moggridge (Aboriginal water expert) and Dayne Pratzky (the Frackman).

Tara and I discussed Native land and water rights, corporate governance and the overarching ways energy companies or hydro schemes are able to usurp title to these lands and waterways.  I asked her about the importance of traditional Native ways and why that should be important to non-Native people and government.  Clips of her interview will be uploaded ASAP.

Thank you to Rhoda Roberts and Sydney Opera House for curating Deadly Voices: Accidental Activist.  It was a brilliant event with a room full of people looking for direction with their own activism.  It was great to see a crowd full of people itching to know more about getting involved.  Major shoutouts to Julia Lenton, Comms Manager at Sydney Opera House for letting us shoot inside those sails!!

Lemlmts (thank you).

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