jessi shootingDirector/Producer with in-depth experience in film and music production. Demonstrated ability to deal with rapid change, extreme location conditions and deadline pressures.

Responsible for projects from concept through completion, including creative, interviews, budgeting, deal negotiation, program deliverables, personnel management, Real People casting, out-source contracting of equipment, location and aerial logistics.

Routinely works under extreme field conditions, budget constraints and deadline pressures.  Frequent contact with ethnically diverse and indigenous populations in remote areas.

Highlights include:
Water Protectors of Wakpa Wasté

Full length documentary film for Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe highlighting their constant battles with the United States Government and extreme extraction companies.  Cheyenne River people fight to protect their only source of fresh drinking water from contamination by the Dakota Access Pipeline and the upcoming Keystone XL Pipeline.  Interviews with tribal leaders, lawyers and activists and startling footage of the abuses sustained by the North Dakota Highway Patrol, National Guard and private security firm Tiger Swan – all on Indian land.

See the full film at:  www.wakpawaste.com

PBS Aleut Story

Associate Producer

Two years research and development, seven months principal photography in far-flung, remote locations.  An original documentary film narrated by Martin Sheen, exposing decades of federal abuse of the Aleut (Unangan) people.

The project was underwritten, in part, by Native American Public Telecommunications (VisionMaker Media) with distribution by PBS.  Broadcast across USA in November 2005. Nominated for Best Documentary Feature – American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco, California.

See more at:  www.aleutstory.tv

One Day On The Kenai


10-minute short documentary for Ninilchik Traditional Council; highlighting the tribe’s constant battles with federal agencies to regain their traditional right to set a gill net in the Kenai River to harvest salmon for their people.

See more at:  One Day on the Kenai

The Kumon Journey


Promotional videos showing the origin of the Kumon, how the mathematics and Engish programmes were developed and what to expect as a Kumon student and parent. Over 100,000 copies made, distributed with each Kumon programme enrolment in Australia and New Zealand today.

Kumon Changed My Life


30-minute not-for-broadcast documentary featuring three Kumon programme graduate students, families, supervisors and their personal interrelating stories.